Can you abuse Adderall?

Adderall is a medication that is used to help those who are suffering from ADHD. Many kids and teenagers are put on this medicine to help them to concentrate in school and be more successful in their young lives. Because this medication is taken by those who are old enough to self-medicate and follow instructions, one must realize that they are also the group most like to make poor choices. Kids will sell their Adderall to other students in order to make money for themselves. Kids will buy Adderall to feel the euphoric stimulation that comes from taking the drug when they do not need it. Abuse of prescription medicine is on the rise with more kids being diagnosed with disorders that require medication, and Adderall is no exception. One can travel into Canada or down south into Mexico and purchase medications that are sold in the USA for a much lower cost.

You can even go to Mexico and get prescription medicine without a prescription. With the culture that the USA has for control and over-charging for medicine it is very tempting to try to make a few dollars by selling your prescriptions to others. A single Adderall pill is worth a lot more on the black market than it is in the drug store.

Skipping a dose of medications is not considered drug abuse. Sometimes people forget to take a medicine, they may be having a “good day” and do not need to take the medication on a particular day. I have skipped medication because of the expense of it. I need to ensure I have it for the days when I feel badly and so I do not take it unless I need it. Many times ADHD medication is parent-regulated, too. If a student seems to be having a good day where they do not need to take the medication, if they are going to have a fun free-for-all day, the parent may choose to not give their child the medication for that day. I think that drug abuse comes from the use of a drug that one does not need.